8/14/23 Raiderland Helmet Sticker Day, Hot-Links Plus Question O’ The Day. Who’s Your Guy In The NFL? Did The Texas Rangers Really Wear THAT?

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Happy Monday, y’all!

Every day we’re a little closer to meaningful football. Heck, we can even find meaning in NFL preseason games and scrimmages and whatnot. Whatever it takes.

Helmet Stickers

Today we ask you to hand out your Raiderland Helmet Stickers. There are many helmet stickers, but only one coveted Raiderland Helmet Sticker. It goes to anyone and everyone deserving of a little recognition, sports or non-sports. Time to celebrate awesomeness. Who get’s yours this week?

Question O’ The Day: Who is your favorite current NFL player and why?

Raiderland Hot-Links

Here’s what we found interesting today. Be sure and add anything you like in the comments. Heck, we might miss something. Sports or otherwise, you’ll find it here each day. If we like it, we figure you might like it.

Big Drama at the Little Ticket in Dallas


Like we said, if y’all see random cool stuff out there, send it our way and we’ll include it in Raiderland Hot-Links! Now go out and have a day and we’ll see y’all tonight around 6:30ish for the Daily Broadcast, live on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Plenty of choices for you.