After The TCU Loss, 3 Questions For Texas Tech Fans. Where Are You On Joey McGuire In Year One With Three Games To Go? From Joey-Lytics To Offense And More.

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3 Questions For Texas Tech Fans

  1. Where are you on Joey-Lytics right now? We’ve seen it work and not work. We’ve seen it give you a shot to beat Texas and we’ve seen it blow-up in several other games on the road. The ”going for it” mentality, based on charts, stats and numbers…are you all in or not? For now it seems like Joey McGuire is all-in on the metrics, no matter what. The chart says do it, the Red Raiders do it.
  2. What’s the offensive philosophy for Texas Tech right now under Joey McGuire and Zach Kittley? I don’t know. I’m hoping you can tell me. McGuire said Texas Tech would play complimentary football. Is this what you expected? Is the offense held hostage by talent, depth, experience or injuries? Are we even seeing now what the offense will be in the future? I don’t know. I do know one thing. Texas Tech should never run an option play with Behren Morton again. Ever.
  3. Do you think Texas Tech can get bowl eligible with two more wins? I do. With Tyler Shough or Donavon Smith, Texas Tech should be able to beat Kansas, Iowa State and Oklahoma. Maybe not all three, but two of them for sure. The expectation before the year was Texas Tech going to a bowl. That’s the minimum expectation in college football. If you don’t, review everything about your program, every time. First year coach or not. So, does Texas Tech make a bowl or not.

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  1. McGuire has a plan. I expect Tech to get 6 wins. Once McGuire recruits for depth on the offensive line like he currently has on defense Tech will be a force.

  2. While there may be an analytics service that coaches subscribe to, I don’t buy it that that’s what’s being used every single time a call is made. It’s time to retire the phrase IMO.

    As for the calls to go for it, they’ve never bothered me – ever – at any level, by any coach.

    More coaches should have the stones LSU showed in going for the win at the end of regulation. Gaining 2 yds will always be easier than gaining 25 and also preventing an opponent from scoring.

    Now, the actual play calls – those are another matter entirely and are worthy of debate and armchair quarterbacking.

    When they work, they’re brilliant.
    When the don’t, they’re idiotic.

    Punting annoys me 95.59 % of the time.

    • They have a chart and they use it every time.
      Hence, analytics.
      LSU going for it wasn’t analytics. But it was smart.
      Punting can be a very effective weapon. Go look at how Tampa Bay won Sunday and see how they flipped the field.

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