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Gas, Money, Economics And Americans’ Willingness To Share A ”Burden”. Sunday’s With George Thatcher On A Thursday!

A Few Immutable Laws of Economics The prices of gasoline and many other commodities are trending upward these days. The old economic law of supply and demand is, to a large extent, driving these trends, […]

American Bad-Ass

A Young Boy Gets Abused By An American Icon’s Wife… Or – Just A Really Cool Story About Growing Up, Learning Lessons And Helping Family. The Latest In Raiderland From George Thatcher! Y’all Will Want To Read This One And Maybe Share It With Your Kids!

More from George. Well worth a read and a share! […]


What Did You Learn This Week? From Sports To Politics, Food To Fun… What Did You Learn? From Hankering For A Really Crazy Burger To Freezing To Death Getting Gas. . . Hat Tip, Chad Hasty, Moderately Famous Lubbock Radio Host! Post Your Comments Here!

I know I want a large, large burger…. […]

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There’s The Way It Was And The Way We Remember It. Raiderland’s Official Historian, George Thatcher Ruminates On Sports Heroes Growing Up And Sports Heroes Today. Enjoy And Share With A Friend!

Pay attention, you might learn something! […]