The Adventures of Scout The Cat-Dog: “I Am Sad”. Scout Learns About Loss And Says Good-Bye To His Dog-Cat Friend “Suuuuuu-sheeeee”.

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The Adventures of Scout The Cat-Dog! Hyatt’s cat is writing again. . .

I am sad.

I am sad because I’m not sure what is happening in the house I decided to live in with the Nice Lady and the Young Man and the Old Guy.

They are sad.

I think it is because something has happened to my friend, the Dog-Cat they call “Suuuuuu-sheeeee”.

She is not here anymore.

I could tell over the last few days and what they call weeks that she had not been herself. She was an older Dog-Cat. Older than the other Dog-Cats. She could be cranky. I tried to chase her and play with her, but she just really didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I thought she didn’t like me. It made me sad. But then I figured out that she was old. She was tired. She just liked to rest a lot.

So when the people were gone during the day, and the big Dog-Cats were outside doing dumb stuff, I would just lay around and be still with her. Sometimes I would just lie on the bed and sit in the sun. Sometimes I would get down and lie by her in her really nice Dog-Cat bed. Most of the time I just watched her and wished we could play.

But she couldn’t play.

I finally decided that the best thing I could do is just sometimes lie down by her and maybe see if I could get the Old Guy to give us some bites of pizza. She really like that. We would go in his office while he was on the Typing-Box and just sit there and he would finally give her a bit of the pizza. I tried it. Don’t get it. But glad Suuuuuuuu-Sheeee like it. It made her happy.

So. Now I’m on the Writing Box trying to tell you all why I am sad.

I am sad because I don’t think my friend is coming back home.

I heard the Nice Lady and the Old Guy talking about how she was really sick. They said they had to take her somewhere and they would make her not hurt anymore.

They were crying when they put her in her favorite blanket.

Then, the Young Man came over and he picked her up. He carried her out to the truck. I think he was really sad cause he acted like I’ve never seen before. I could tell he was really sad.

And then they took my friend away and I don’t think I’ll get to see her anymore.

I heard the Nice Lady and the Old Guy talking and they said she wouldn’t hurt anymore. That’s good. I don’t want my friend to hurt. I’m just really sad because we were just now getting to know each other and have some fun during the day while the people and the Dog-Cats were gone. And now, I kinda feel alone.

I am so glad I chose to live with the Nice Lady, The Old Guy and the Young Man.
I didn’t have a family. Now that I have a family, I know what it’s like to miss someone you love.

I’m going to miss my friend Sushi.

I am sad.

The Old Guy is coming back to his office. He seems a little sad too. I should get off the Typing-Box. Thanks for reading. I will write again soon when I feel happy.

Scout, The Cat-Dog


  1. God Bless You and Fam, Hyatt. That’s always a difficult undertaking.

    Brought tears to my eyes…

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