The Adventures Of Scout, The Cat-Dog: The Nice Lady Hates Me & Took Away My Fake Tree, Dogs Don’t Understand The Beauty Of Boxes And I Deserve Fan Mail!

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Scout is the cat who decided he would live with the Hyatt’s in the summer of 2022. He now has his own column. His thoughts are his own.

The Adventures Of Scout, The Cat-Dog.

The Nice Lady hates me.

The Nice Lady who lives in the house I chose to live in this past summer hates me. She took away my tree. It was awful. After several weeks of giving me a tree to play in, to knock off little thingies and to have colored lights on my fake tree; she just up and started packing it up a while back. She didn’t even ask me if I was done with it.


The Nice Lady hates me.

She started taking all the fun thingies off the tree and putting them into boxes. Now I love boxes! You can climb in them and you can put stuff in them and you can run and jump in them and push them around and you can…. Sorry, I kinda got woozy there thinking about the fun you can have with boxes. Where was I?

Yes, the Nice Lady hates me.

She started putting all the neat and fun stuff …. In closed boxes. Not just closed, but even taped shut. What sick person does that to a box!!! And taking them away. From … ME!

It gets worse.

Then the Nice Lady had the Old Guy and the Young Man who live in my house start to take my tree. They wrapped it up in stuff. OR AT LEAST THEY TRIED!

That’s when I, the Cat-Dog ( still don’t know why the Old Guy calls me that ) sprang into to action.

I engaged in proper Civil Disobedience! ( I had to Google that, but I think I was doing it right )

I jumped right into that tree of mine while they were trying to take it away and wallared myself right into the middle of it as they tried to wrap it up in something and take it away. Want the tree to go? You’re gonna have to pry it out of my cold, dead claws.

They did.

Well, I wasn’t dead, but they got me out of my tree and I don’t really want to talk about it. I really thought I’d be able to hang on longer, but someone opened a can of something in the food room and I got woozy again and had to move towards the smell.

I wanted to be a Protester, but I also wanted that stuff the Nice Lady has in those squeeze tubes that makes me happy. Happy won. Protest lost.

So now, here we are. There are no trees with cool lights and things to play with. I’m back to basic cat fun. Which isn’t too bad.

I can still try and torture the dog-cat they call Suuuu-sheeee. I think she’s starting to like me. Then there is the dog-cat called Saaaaydeee. She really likes me now. She loves it when I jump on her while she’s pretending to sleep or watch the picture box on the wall. The one dog-cat they call Innnnnndeee; I’ve got no use for. She’s not real bright. Walked right by an open box the other day and didn’t even try to sit in it. Worthless!

So now, I’ve got to figure out new ways to have fun since the Nice Lady took away my tree.

I’ve tried going into the Old Guys room where he has the writing box I use for my column. He’s got all sorts of stuff to climb on and sit on. Just the other day I tried to get the Old Guy to play by attacking his string-box that makes noise. I see him pick it up sometimes and make noise with it. I tried to make noise but I just knocked it over and the Old Guy jumped up faster than I knew he could move and he grabbed the string-box and said strange words. So I left.

I went into the room where the Young Man stays a lot and tried to make him play, but he just kept pushing buttons and hitting small things making his own picture-box make noise and stuff and then he took some contraption off his head and looked at me funny. He also had that Innnnndeee dog-cat in that room and the whole thing smelled like feet. So I left.

So here I am.

Writing this on the writing-box waiting to go back and be friends with the Nice Lady.

I forgave her.

She was nice enough to put the tree up, even if it was for far too short a time. I was just figuring out how to get to the really good stuff on it and pull it down so I could lay in it in a more casual fashion. But still, the Nice Lady did put it out for a while. So, I’ll guess I’ll remind her how lucky she is that I decided to live with her and the Old Guy and the Young Man.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got her figured out.

If I sit with her in her sitting thing and let her pretend she’s making me purr ( I can’t help it, it just comes out sometimes ….) Then she doesn’t seem to mind I act like I don’t know my name and didn’t try and knock over the plastic black thing where they throw all the amazing stuff they don’t eat and it just sits there waiting for the Old Guy to take somewhere. It’s amazing!!! I really want them to get one shorter with steps that I can get into! Hold on. What was I saying?

Yes, I’m gonna go sit with the Nice Lady and remind her how much she needs me around the house. These other dog-cats are not organized at all. They need help. The Young Man needs me too! He spends way too much time with that Innnnnnndeee dog-cat. The Old Guy… I don’t know what to think. He’s staring at me right now. I think I’m done with this week’s column. I think I need to go. See you people next time. Feel free to seen me questions and I’ll answer them next time. I heard the Old Guy telling the Nice Lady I’m kinda famous, so I figure I should get some fan-mail.

Scout, The Cat-Dog