Long Live the Double T Scoreboard!

There are few iconic landmarks for Texas Tech Athletics, but the Double T scoreboard is one of them and many were concerned that it would go away with the new South end zone announcement. 

Thanks to Regent and former Tech Football player Cody Campbell and his $25 million donation the Double T Scoreboard will come back with the new renovations and the name of the field at Jones AT&T Stadium will be Cody Campbell Field. 

With the new name we can finally have a clever nickname for the stadium like, “The Soup Bowl,” or “The Eagle’s Nest.” On second thought, ignore that last nickname and keep the “The Soup Bowl.”

There are three other traditions that Texas Tech should not only embrace, but promote to high heaven and make it part of the signature of Texas Tech Football and Texas Tech University.

First, the tortilla toss is something that is widely loved and accepted by Red Raider Nation. Mississippi State has their cowbells, Iowa waives to sick kids so why not have this unique tradition of throwing tortillas during the opening kickoff? It’s weird, but it’s our weird tradition.

Second, the Carol of Lights is a wonderful holiday ceremony put on by any university West of the Mississippi and should be promoted more by the University throughout the state. There also needs to be be a Tech Basketball game following the ceremony for all attendees and make it a destination weekend for alumni, recruits, and area residents.

Last, but not least, the flat Double T logo. With a new field name and upcoming renovations to the south end zone it’s time to put away the 3D Double T. Most of the time the midfield logo looks awkward on tv close ups and while there was a time during the Clinton administration that the 3D look was enticing it’s high time for a return to a traditional look.

Allen Corbin, Raiderland Conttibutor

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