The Adventures Of Scout The Cat-Dog: I’m Happy Again! The Nice Lady Got Me Bird-TV! Hyatt’s Cat Is Writing Again. . .

Scout is the Hyatt Family cat. He’s a cat-dog. He thinks he’s a cat, but has many dog tendencies. Each week he gets on the writing-box in The Old Guy’s office and writes a column, which he sends to his agent. It’s up to us to publish it. We’re afraid not to… so enjoy!

I am happy again!

I was sad for a while after the dog-cat they called Suuuuuuu-sheee went away. I know she is OK and not hurting now, but I still miss hearing her snore during the day. For a little dog-cat, she made a lot of noise. But now, I am happy again. I still miss her, but the Nice Lady here gave me a cool thing to watch during the day.

The Nice Lady has given me Bird-TV!

It’s like the picture-box the Nice Lady, the Young Man and the Old Guy watch in the big room of our house but this is even better. The call it a TV, but it’s really a picture-box! The Nice Lady has got me birds to watch! At least I think they’re birds.

I’m not really that smart when it comes to names of things, but something in my brain told me when I saw these things flying around outside one of our windows that they were …. BIRDS! And that I should watch them. And I do. A lot!

So, I have a little cabinet-box I sit on top of in the Nice Lady and Old Guy’s room where they sleep. The other day they moved it right in front of one of those really clear things that let’s you see outside the house. I think it’s a “window”. I think this because the Old Guy was griping about having to clean “window” the other day and then I could really see out the big square in the wall. I thank him, even though it’s a little streaky…

The next thing you know, I’m seeing these birds flying around. They’re everywhere. I’m so glad the Nice Lady got them to come to the house and entertain me. I talk to them but they don’t talk back. I even paw at the “window” to get them to look at me, but they just fly around. It’s fun. I want to be out there with them but I can’t ever get out the door with the dog-cats when they go outside. I think they’re working against me.

The other day I noticed that the birds are building something out there. It’s under a thingy that comes out from my house in the corner. It looks like mud and sticks, but they keep going over to it like it’s a condo in Florida with free drinks. ( I didn’t write that, the Old Guy did ). But there they are, just a few feet from me each day. I really want to meet them and I don’t know why…

While the people are gone during the day, I try and talk to the birds but so far none of them want to come inside. I’m going to keep trying though. Now that my friend Suuuuu-sheee is gone I get a little bored. Sometimes the people leave their picture-box on in the big room and I can see pictures and stuff, but it bores me. In case you’re wondering, the thing they call Fox News has no foxes on it. Hardly has any animals at all. False advertising I say!

But now that I have Bird-TV I think things are looking up! I still miss my friend but I’m still glad I have a home with the dog-cats like Innnndeeee and Saaaaaaydeee. I still have a lot to teach these people though. I’m down to one really good box to sit in in the big room where they watch the picture-box on the wall. They actually took one box away and put it in the trash. I have so much to teach them about luxury and relaxing.

You’d think the Young Man would enjoy sitting in a box, but he just goes to his room. His room still smells funny to me. I went in there the other day to see what he was doing, but he was making crazy noises, talking to his picture-box and holding a contraption that made weird things happen on the picture-box. It was nothing a good cat-dog needed to see I think. I think he called it “mind-crap”. . . It was weird.

I’ll let you know how the Bird-TV is going next week. I just heard them talking about getting something called “bird-seed” for something on the porch. This could be good.

Thanks for reading my column again. The Old Guy is coming back to his office now and I have to get off of his writing-box. I’ll just act like I was trying to get a bite of the pizza the Old Guy always leaves on his desk. You’d think he’d learn. I can always blame one of the dog-cats if I knock it onto the floor. Ooops…. Gotta go!

-Scout The Cat-Dog