5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – At Your Age. . . Christmas Songs, Power Ranking Top Santas All-Time, Congrats, Greatest Onion Rings – You Did It Plus A Special Prayer For Parents This Week!

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Culture/WEST TEXAS/America

12/12/23: Tuesday’s Best – Texas Tech Bowl Games, Favorite Christmas Treats/Snacks, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Billy White Shoes Johnson, Mac Davis & Elvis Plus Gauchos Who Gamble

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Of Singing, Kids & Santa Claus, Best TV Christmas Episodes All-Time, Lubbock’s Servant/Leader Stepping Aside And How To Save Your Marriage During The Holidays

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Culture/WEST TEXAS/America

12/5/23: Tuesday’s Best-Christmas Songs That Must Go, Egg Nog Nation, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring West Texas Showing Off, When Cybil Shepherd And Belinda Carlisle Ruled The Earth Plus A Day-Trip Back In Time To Lubbock

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Chocolates To Truck “Shopping”, Top 3 All-Time Hallmark Christmas Movie Actresses To What Was A Timeless Texas Tech Tradition Plus We Need A Sign On The Old Amarillo Highway!

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Daily Broadcast

Daily Broadcast: Great Christmas Specials, Old Lubbock/Texas Tech Clubs And Bars And Party Time Photo Stories, Best Places To Get Great Salsa Plus Tech Football & Hoops. Busy Tuesday. Enjoy The Show You Won’t Get Anywhere Else!

Salsa and Midnight Rodeo. Good combo