Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind(Video): Texas Tech Sends Texas Off Forever Back To Austin With A 37-34 OT Win In Lubbock. Our Thoughts, Your Great Comments And Questions. A Lot To Talk About Tonight! Analytics? Welcome To Joey-Lytics!!! Enjoy And Share The Broadcast!

Were You Not Entertained! […]

Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast (In Color Where Available): Hey Texas Tech Folks, It’s Time To Quit Whoring Yourself Out To Texas And Stand On Your Own Feet. Why Texas Tech Shouldn’t Beg Governor Abbott To Keep The Horns Playing The Red Raiders. Tech Hoops Suffers Big Injury…Plus Your Great Comments And Questions. Share The Show, Comment Below!

Don’t beg. Ever. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast ( VIDEO-IN COLOR where available!): Texas Tech Football, A Shoot-Out Or A Defensive Battle, What Do You Want At NC State? Bandwagon Wednesday – What Bandwagons Are YOU ON? That Plus Amazing Comments And Questions. So, Watch And Share!

Here ya go, we love doing the show. Sorry we missed y’all earlier this week. We explain on the broadcast. So, click the link below and then share with your Texas Tech friends. See y’all […]

George Thatcher

Sundays With George Thatcher: The Runaways, Sometimes You Have To Come Home Again…Particularly When A Garbage Truck Destroys Your Bike And It Rains All Night.

The Runaways My brother and I were eleven and thirteen, respectively, when the unthinkable happened. My Mom got remarried to good old Ed. The way we learned of this event was that the happy couple […]

Gun Barrel City Football

(PODCAST) Gun Barrel City Football With Head Coach Gordon Granger On Talk 103.9 FM! A Week One Win, A Kicker Gone Missing A Musical Tribute To The Beverly Hillbillies! The Greatest Story In TXHSFB!

You can’t make this stuff up! […]