Texas Tech FB, Big 12 Media Days, Justus Parker Suspended By NCAA, McMillon Back For Texas Tech Baseball & Much More… The Monday Broadcast From Raiderland!

Big 12 Media Days for Football ( and every other sport ) usually don’t generate much news. Today though…. was really no exception!

We recap what new Texas Tech HC Matt Wells had to say among others as well as look at the new of a Red Raider football player being suspended by the NCAA. Add in some Tech Baseball news ( it’s good! ) and your comments and we’ve got a Monday Broadcast.

Just click the link below from Twitter and then do three things!

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#TexasTech FB #Big12MediaDays J Parker susp. by NCAA, McMillon back for Baseball… your questions & more. #WreckEm https://t.co/WRbapIaxjL— Ryan Hyatt (@RyanHyattMedia) July 15, 2019

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  1. About sports boycotts – I have “boycotted” ESPN as much as possible ever since ESPN recognized Bruce Jenner as Athlete of the Year for the great, incredible, never done before athletic accomplishment of (drumroll!!) changing his name to Cait!!! So, I don’t read their articles, don’t go to their website, don’t even check scores with them. I do sometimes watch games on ESPN, because I’m not boycotting my Red Raiders, just ESPN as much as possible.
    If we go to an “a la carte” model of sports consumption, won’t this help strengthen protests because specific athletes who want to mix politics with entertainment could be targeted more precisely?
    On the other hand, a la carte is a disadvantage for me becuz the spiders that spin the interwebs in my neck of the woods are very lazy.

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