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It’s time for some Texas Tech football fans to grow up.

This column has been brewing for a while. A long while. It hits today after a text message to our radio show continued to promulgate the “poor us” attitude some Texas Tech football fans have when it comes to competing. The old bromides about being a “have-not” in a world of haves and it’s better to “do more with less” and … ya.


Tired of that narrative.

It seems like many Texas Tech fans relish the idea of being second-tier in football. Punching up. Fighting with a chip on their shoulder because of what they perceive they don’t have. Many Tech fans seem to have succumbed to the mind-virus that it’s better to do more with less, that it somehow absolves them that when Texas Tech doesn’t win; it’s because the game was rigged. Well… the game is changing, and Texas Tech fans need to change with it.

Texas Tech has put together a football staff that is is at once a dynamic recruiting force, all about securing great talent from Texas high school programs; as well as coaching them up when they get to Lubbock. It’s time for Texas Tech football fans to embrace the mantra of new coach Joey McGuire. McGuire intends to do more, with more.

Texas Tech football has all the resources, from money to facilities to personnel, to achieve at a high level in the Big 12 going forward. It’s time for the fans to shed the Little Brother syndrome, as Texas and OU exit stage left and embrace the idea of being a Big Dog in the Big 12.

One of the interesting story-lines right now in college football, and certainly with Texas Tech is the impact of N.I.L. How will it affect recruiting? How will it affect Texas Tech’s ability to compete with the “big boys”? Again, a texter to the radio show said today it will hurt Texas Tech and create an even bigger gap between Tech and the power programs?


Some fans seem to be misunderstanding how N.I.L. Works.

Does Texas have a bigger budget in the athletic department than Texas Tech? Sure. But that doesn’t impact N.I.L.

Some Texas Tech fans seem to think there are no Texas Tech backers with money. They’re wrong. Dead wrong. There are lots of Texas Tech grads and fans with quite a bit of pocket change and now they can go toe-to-toe with other schools boosters when it comes to paying players. And this time… it’s legal. N.I.L. Closes the gap in college football. Fans of schools like Texas Tech have money. Plenty. Now it can go directly to the players. Now, Tech supporters can fight on an even playing field and it’s legal.

It’s odd to hear some Texas Tech fans act like no one who went to Texas Tech has money and has been successful. Not a great way to celebrate a Texas Tech education by those folks. . .

Think about it like this. Vanderbilt stinks in football. Vandy’s budget is probably far behind Alabama’s when it comes to athletics. Do you not think Vanderbilt graduates have money? Do you not think if they put those resources into N.I.L and football that they couldn’t go toe-to-toe with Alabama? Of course they could.

That’s just an example to show you that the paradigm has changed, but it only changes if the supports and fans of college teams embrace it and make it work. Of course it only works if fans of schools like Texas Tech wake up and embrace the new model of college sports. If those fans give in to the idea that Texas Tech can’t compete with the Big Boys, they’ll be right. They won’t even try. But if they do . . .

The big N.I.L. Story right now is the re-recruitment of former South Lake Carrol QB Quinn Ewers. Lot’s of Texas Tech fans have been saying on our show that if he goes to Texas it proves Tech can’t compete in the new world of N.I.L. And the ability for players to get compensation. Wrong. Ewers was probably going to Texas no matter what. He may still come to Texas Tech, but I doubt it. What N.I.L. Did was allow Texas Tech to even be in the discussion to get Ewers. Before, Tech wasn’t on the radar for a player like that. As Rob Breaux pointed out on the radio show, we saw this after Patrick Mahomes with Kyler Murray. He never looked at Texas Tech even though Mahomes showed you could become a top NFL draft pick, even off a bad team. Now… Ewers is looking at Texas Tech. Why? Cause he can make money at Texas Tech just like Texas…

Meanwhile, back at the thesis.

Texas Tech is no longer a Have-Not school. The money is there and Texas Tech looks like it’s finally willing to go after the top Jimmys and Joes instead of just trying to out-scheme or out-coach or out-work the top programs with average talent. Texas Tech doesn’t have to be an average program in football. Baseball has proven this. Basketball has proven this. Track and Field has proven this. Golf has proven this. Tennis has proven this.

All of those programs refused to accept the idea that Texas Tech had to do more with less and had to embrace a scarcity mind-set. Instead, they all fought to get the best of the best with the best resources and facilities they could garner. And they won.

For many years, Texas Tech fans have told themselves it’s OK to lose because Texas Tech didn’t have the ability to go up against the Big Boys. They convinced themselves it was a glorious struggle and if an occasional win or good season happened, that was a testament to West Texas Toughness and work ethic and doing more with less. And that was good enough for a lot of folks. It was safe and easy and comfortable.

It’s time for Risky to the the new Safe and it’s time for some Texas Tech fans to get uncomfortable. It’s time for Texas Tech fans to realize what Texas Tech football can do.

It’s time.

It’s time for Texas Tech to grow-up.

Nearly every other program in Lubbock has.

Now it’s time for the Texas Tech football fans to do the same.

Grow up.

You’ll like it.



  1. Easy for you to assert that Tech alum have “lots of money”. Are you one of the deep pocketed alums?

    And if Tech alums are full of cash why hasn’t some “mega” NIL deal been announced? Tech can’t rely solely on Campbell and Womble.

    Personally, I see a time in the not too distant future that I’ll lose interest in college football because I hate the entire notion of NIL, no penalty transfers, red shirting despite playing four games, etc. The next step in this seemingly never ending erosion of college athletics will be a formal agreement saying that “student athletes” do not have to pass a minimum course load each semester. It’s just a formality.

  2. You’re preaching to the choir Ryan. I also think that the administration has moved on from this old way of thinking. I can vividly remember Kirby being excited about Wells because he’s someone that can do more with less.

  3. Ryan,
    I’m the one that sent you the text about haves and the have-nots. I enjoy listening to your show because I value yours and Rob’s insight on Red Raiders. I listen to your argument about NIL and how it will benefit Tech. I respect your opinion. I do disagree and thought the text number was a good way to express my opinion.

    NIL is here to stay and as I predicted is a way for alumni to legally pay athletes for playing sports at their school. It’s above the table, transparent, and now tax deductible. NIL benefits those schools that have more affluent alumni. Donating alumni varies greatly and is never equal. Paying every lineman $50,000 has nothing to do with name image, or likeness. Alumni pockets are not equal therefor NIL will not “close the gap in college football. I never said Tech is a have-not school. Texas Tech is a “have-more” or “have-less” school depending on the comparison.

    I am amused that you have written an article telling fans that we need to change. I believe we are the ones listing to your show and your advertisers.

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