Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State. Texas Tech is playing on house-money right now. No down-side, only up-side for the Red Raiders. Here’s our prediction. Give us yours and invite your friends to join us this weekend for Raiderland Rewind after the game!

Texas Tech is playing on house-money right now….

After the win over ISU and certainly the way the Red Raiders got it, it’s only positive things right now for most Texas Tech fans this week vs. Oklahoma State. Tech got their win over a good team, got bowl-eligible and did it in dramatic fashion. Add in the positive vibes of the Joey McGuire hire and right now Texas Tech fans are feeling good going into the weekend.

There’s really no down-side for Texas Tech this weekend. Win = huge upset. Again. Lose = you were supposed to and you still get a bowl game.

About the only thing that would be rough for Texas Tech fans would be for OSU to run all over Texas Tech like Texas and TCU did.

I don’t think that will happen.

Oklahoma State is a rock-solid team. Might even sneak into the CFB Playoff. Really.

I doubt it, but they could. They play complimentary football as co-host Rob Breaux says on Talk 103.9 FM each day with me. And he’s right. They are as balanced as anyone in the country.

That said, I don’t think they’ll just roll up a 49-10 win over Texas Tech.

I’ll pick Oklahoma State 31-24 in a very blue-collar game. Tech battles but at the end of the night, OSU is just better. and they’ll play that way. It will be a night Texas Tech fans walk away from Jones Stadium feeling good about the team, even in a loss. Tech will compete . I’ll be shocked if they don’t.

So, that’s our pick this week.

What’s yours?

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