5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Disdainful Dogs To Yams, Why No Turkey Is A Yes, What We Could Learn From George Washington This Week Plus How Charlie Brown And Snoopy Got Thanksgiving Right! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. I don’t need to be a prophet in my own land. I really don’t. I would settle for being the guy who when he asks his dog to come into the house in the middle of the night instead of barking; that said dog would listen and come in the house. There is no greater look of disdain than that of a dog, sitting on the porch, who when asked to come inside turns their head and then hops off the porch and sits down 15 feet away in the yard.
  2. If all you had for Thanksgiving was sides and pies, no one would ever miss the turkey, ham or anything else. In fact. I think that’s exactly how I’m gonna approach things this year. Actually, one should start with the pie and then move on to the sides. It’s like Spike Dykes used to say about eating at a banquet. Eat desert first, ya never know what’s gonna happen during the evening and you don’t want to miss out on the best part.
  3. Top 3 Worst Thanksgiving Sides: No.3. Fruit Salad. Make up your mind. Fruit or Salad. No.2. Cranberry Sauce. Of any kind, any way; substandard stuff. No one really likes it. No.1. Yams. Any. Kind. Of. Yams. You don’t even think about yams the rest of the year. Don’t let the yam sneak onto your plate, candied or otherwise. It’s still a yam and you hate them!
  4. When President George Washington declared a national day of thanksgiving, he didn’t do it so you could save money on TV’s, blenders, leaf-blowers and towels. Perhaps we have reached a point in this nation where we can not relate to the idea of a president and a country of people being so grateful to God that they took it upon themselves to have a day of Thanks. President Washington and the young country knew then that their existence was predicated upon the blessing of God. The inalienable rights given by God to man, had been entrusted unto the leaders of the young country, the crafters of the Constitution and the framers of a new way of governing. They knew to seek God’s blessings in Thankfulness. Maybe it got to easy in America. Maybe we just don’t know how much we have to be Thankful for. Maybe things will change.
  5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is still the best Movie/TV Show about Thanksgiving! How do we know? They didn’t have turkey, just lots of fun stuff to eat! See it tonight on PBS at 6:30 God’s Country Time.


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