The Daily Broadcast: An Annual Christmas Night Game For Texas Tech Basketball??? Why Not? That Plus Great Viewer Comments And More!

It’s great to be back with the Daily Broadcast. Christmas was fun, but we’ve got a lot to talk about with y’all.

Driving home Christmas Day I saw a ton of folks out and about in the late afternoon. Every movie house we drove past was full. It got me thinking. . . Which is dangerous. What if Texas Tech hosted an annual men’s basketball game each year on Christmas night. Would folks go?

I think they would

If you had a great opponent and marketed it well, why wouldn’t folks leave the house each Christmas night to watch a great game? The NBA does it. I’d think Lubbock would support it if the teams were good and the price is right. Add in a national TV audience and this could be huge!

The Raiderland Christmas Classic!

So, here’s our broadcast tonight. Watch it, and then leave your comments and questions below. We’ll get to them quick. Be sure and post a link to this on your Facebook or Twitter page and invite even more Texas Tech friends to follow along with what we do. 2019 has been great for us, thanks to you! I can’t wait to watch what we do here grow even more in 2020. Thanks to you, I know it will be great!