5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Arch Manning, John Grisham, Snow Cone Flavors, Driver’s License Photos And American Civil War. Enjoy, Comment, Share With A Friend.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Bold Prediction for late June, 2022. Arch Manning never plays a down for the University of Texas in football…
  2. John Grisham never wrote a better novel than The Firm. Sometimes you get it right the first time. He did. The movie is great, the novel is ten times better.
  3. Top 3 Snow Cone flavors: No. 3 Blue. No. 2. Purple. No. 1. Coors Light.
  4. My new driver’s license picture is in black and white. They say it’s because the new cards are so highly infused with great technology and encryption and whatnot. All I know is that in 1988, they managed to have my Texas Tech Student ID card photo in color. Progress, I suppose. That student ID card also got me cheap pizza. Waiting to see if my Texas D. L. will do that… progress, I suppose.
  5. When the 2nd American Civil War is written about years from now, historians will say the defacto beginning was June 24, 2022.



  1. 1. I predicted a problem at UT, with 2 huge egos competing for one position one position. UT fans quickly, and predictably informed me I was nuts. We shall see.

    2. Being ADHD, I never really found myself getting deep into novels. I enjoyed Boys Life and Highlights, at the dentist’s office. That’s about all I could focus on. I know. I’m weird.

    3. Never overlook Bahama Buck’s purple flavor “Gilligan’s Grape.” It’s been a while since I had shaved ice or a snow cone, but if they still have it… everyone should try it.

    4. Driver’s licenses with b&w photos? I guess that’s fine. I want a return to an era that more resembles American patriotism, but I didn’t necessarily mean that far back.

    5. June 24, 2022 is yet another step toward complete division. I don’t know if Civil War II will result yet…but I fear it’s on its way.

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