5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Clower Power, Church & Lubbock, Fried Okra, Top 3 Things Won At South Plains Fair, Deion Sanders Is Good For College Football, Lubbock Ousts A Police Chief On The Cheap – How Bad Was It?

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  1. Jerry Clower never made a record that you couldn’t play in church. He sold over 1.5 million albums. There’s a lesson out there to be learned from that. By the way, he got his performing start in Lubbock, Texas U.S.A. You’re welcome America!
  2. When it comes to the gap between great and horrible, there might not be a larger gap that that between great fried okra and bad fried okra. My Mother-In-Law makes the best fried okra you’ll ever eat. Perfect size, perfect breading, perfect crisp. If you could, you’d have Santa Claus drop off at her place and pick some up each Christmas and put it in your stocking. It’s that good. French fries may be a close second when it comes to the “Food Greatness Gap”.
  3. Top 3 Things I’ve Won At The South Plains Fair: No. 3. Van Halen poster. Circa 1982. David Lee Roth leaping off the amps. Threw a dart, hit a ballon. Won the poster. No.2 Some sort of stuffed animal. Knocked over milk bottles with a baseball. Animal “went missing” at some time during the evening. I don’t think my date was all that fond of it any ways. No. 1. Goldfish. 1980. Dad made a rookie mistake and let me toss a ping-pong ball into the little fishbowl early on during the evening. Won the fish. Put fish in a plastic bag. Dutifully carried fish all night. Fish expired at some point. Dad rolled down the window and tossed the fish out of the car while going under the old bridge down there by Ave. A or wherever it was. I was not traumatized.
  4. Deion Sanders is good for college football. So is N.I.L. and the new transfer rules.
  5. I don’t know the specifics, but if the outgoing Lubbock Police chief only got about 50 thousand dollars to get out of town, things must have been really bad in that department. Over the last few years, the city has paid out a heckuva lot more than that to settle simple disputes and just about any other suit brought before their lawyers. The old joke was – wanna get rich? Play the Lubbock Lotto and sue the city…Follow the money? The money tells us things were bad in Lubbock. Now we’ll see if we ever find out how bad. . .