The Daily Broadcast: NCAA Tournament Canceled, Texas Tech Baseball Title Shot Robbed, Coronavirus Sports Freak-Out Detailed. Your Comments, Questions And More…

The last 48 hours have seen tumult in the sports world as leagues and teams deal with the Coronavirus Impact. Here’s our recap of what we call the Mental Disconnect from reality due to a variety of reasons. Before you make a judgement call, watch the broadcast. Then, get your comments in below and for sure share it with your friends.

This is all worthy of discussion. Some folks more worthy of having a discussing with than others. . .

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that the JC basketball tournaments were able to be postponed, not cancelled?

    The women’s side is being played right here in Lbk at the Rip – all 24 teams, all 5 rounds. Should be a be a hot ticket now don’t ya think?

    #gospcladytexans #gocoachpetree

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