We’re Going Back To Twitter, To Twitter, We’re Going Back To Twitter, For The Daily Broadcast… Check It Out, Spread The Word And Get Ready To Rumble. Here’s The Deal… Mortimer, We’re Back!

We’re going back.

We left Periscope a few years ago for the Daily Broadcast. Actually, they left us. Twitter bought it out and killed the service. It was perfect for what we do. Y’all could watch and comment and share and it was good. And then it was gone.

So… we went to Facebook Live. Why? We didn’t want to, but it had better interaction and the ability for y’all to comment and ask questions in real-time, and that’s what the Daily Broadcast is all about. Otherwise, I’d just scream into the night and annoy my wife. I want to talk to y’all and hear from y’all.

This past weekend, Facebook Live developed audio issues for us. We ran the traps on our end, and we were fine. We tested it out on other apps and we were good. It’s them. Not us. And that’s Awesome!

Because now, we tried Twitter Live again and it functioned as close to Periscope as it has since they took it over. We were loud and clear on audio and video. We were able to see your comments and questions. Y’all were able to share with friends we were live and talking about Texas Tech and stuff y’all care about. In short, it was like the good ole days.

So, that’s what we are gonna do. We are going back to Twitter Live. Each night around 6:30ish for the Daily Broadcast. Except on nights we don’t. You’ll get the message. We will still post the broadcast on our site and link to our Facebook page. We’ll still do a lot on Facebook page, so don’t abandon it. But for now, I think Twitter Live is where we can hang out, grow what we do and support our great advertisers who make all this possible.

So, here’s the link to tonight’s Kinda-Show. It started off with me just seeing if it worked. As it went on, we had some great conversation. Spread the word! We’re back! We’re Back on Twitter Live. We’re Back, Mortimer!