5 Things We Know On A Sunday – A West Texan In A Parking Garage, Cats’ Top Defense Mechanism, 3 Things Folks In Lubbock Don’t Say Anymore, How To Fix America Plus Adversity & Character. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I can’t be the only person who rolls down their truck window when driving through a parking garage. Did it Saturday at Raider Park for the Texas Tech – Texas game. For some reason I feel like I’m in a crypt or something when I enter a garage like that one. It’s particularly dark. Hard to see. I use my sense of hearing. I also think each corner I turn I’m gonna scratch the roof of my truck. I’m a West Texan. I’m not built for parking garages.
  2. Update on our new Cat-Dog. Cat-Dog has quickly discovered Life Above The Floor, now claiming all counter tops, bookcases, shelves, and even the ironing board as his own domain. The Wife, who loves the Cat-Dog is fully aware that Cat-Dog is using his cuteness to try and stay alive and a member of our family this morning. We’ll update soon on how this goes. Our dogs are just trying to stay low and not catch any friendly-fire. The above statement could also be written about a lot of little kids over the years. Cuteness is a God-Given defense mechanism. I, apparently, no longer possess that mechanism…
  3. Top 3 Things Folks In Lubbock Don’t Say Anymore: No. 3. ”I nearly got run over on the Tahoka Traffic Circle yesterday. That thing is a mess!” No. 2. “Had a great Hidy Burger at the Hi-D-Ho the other day.” No. 1. ”I’m going to The Strip. Need anything?”
  4. It’s possible, if not entirely probably that The United States of America is just too diverse a country, too large a landmass to be governed effectively from one singular place. Thankfully, the Founding Fathers knew this and gave us the ability to allow the people to govern themselves in 50 smaller areas. If more people would embrace this simple concept, things would run a lot better, folks would be happier and you wouldn’t have so many of the issues this country has today. Sadly, a lot of folks have no idea that’s how it’s supposed to work after over 100 yeas of creeping Centralized government. Here’s to Federalism! It might just save the country this time!
  5. Adversity does not build Character. Adversity reveals Character. The 37-34 OT win by Texas Tech over #22 Texas Saturday in Lubbock was another reminder of this. The character to hang in the game after multiple times to fold wasn’t created at some point during the game. It was deliberately created and crafted by head coach Joey McGuire and his staff since the day he was hied last November. Again, culture matters.



  1. 1 – And that particular parking garage was made worse when they installed the exterior signage that blocks the view to the outside world

    2 – Don’t have a cat-dog so no comment other than to say the cuteness factor of children does seem to dissipate rather quickly in the teenage years

    3 – “Wanna go to Furr’s for dinner?”

    4 – Mega Dittos!

    5 – Couldn’t agree more. I was there. I saw the whole thing. I know that last kick went through the uprights. I still don’t know how Tech won that game. They had no business winning that game. We’ve talked about the “talent gap” on your show – it was evident and on display. So what won the game? Heart. Tech has it. Texas, not so much.

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