8/24/23 Either/Or Thursday, Texas Tech-Dallas Cowboys Question, Raiderland Hot-Links, Tech Cheer Team Starts The Day Right

Brought to you in part by Abuelo’s Mexican Food Restaurant. 82nd & Quaker in Lubbock. Your Mexican Food Embassy in the Hubbaplex!

Happy Thursday, ya’ll.

Yep, tacos and enchiladas are still great on Thursday. . .

We made our season predictions Wednesday for Texas Tech. Went with 9-3. Of course that got covered up by Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark telling Texas Tech HC Joey McGuire to take care of business in Austin this year when the Red Raiders play the Texas Longhorns for the final time in the regular season. See what we did there.

Holy Cow were the Horns triggered.

It was beautiful to see and we’ll now get a full year of this from the Longhorn faithful. Not so much from OU. The Sooners know they got a good deal and they’ll keep their mouths shut and their wallet open.

Either/Or Thursday

Each Thursday in Raiderland we give you an Either/Or question. You gotta make a choice. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. Just like life.

What’s more likely to happen this year? Either Texas Tech plays in the Big 12 Championship game, OR the Dallas Cowboys play in the Super Bowl? Which one and why?

Raiderland Hot-Links

Running behind today so this one will be quick. Enjoy and post your own links in the the comment section below with your Either/Or answers.


  1. Texas Tech playing in the Big 12 championship game. There’s been a culture change at Tech since Joey got there. There hasn’t been a culture change in Dallas in the last 28 years. Why should we expect different results than we’ve seen last 28 years?

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