College Football Bowl Season Is Here And No One Cares! It’s Time For College Football To Grow Up!

Bowl season is here, and no one really cares. . .

The college football bowl season is back an no one really cares. It’s not us though, it’s college football. College football has told us that none of the bowls matter any more other than the play-off games featuring the Top Four Teams as voted on by many Americans, some household appliances and a few domesticated animals. ( The animals get 2X vote )

It’s nearly 2020 and the Bowl Games just need to go away.

Why are Utah State and Kent ( used to be State ) being punished by having to spend time in Frisco before Christmas in front of a roaring crowd of 300 to 400 folks waiting to by soccer tickets or Jimmy Buffet passes for next May?

Why is there a New Mexico Bowl?


The simple answer is that ESPN owns most of the bowls and has to have a way to spread around the TV commercials over a month or so to appease the advertisers they over-charged in the first place for the playoff games. . . But that’s another story.

The real reason we have these games is that we are dumb enough to watch them….

Yes. Someone, someone out there is watching these games. Just enough to get the ad rates up to where ESPN makes money.

It’s our fault!

So, even if you’re not watching these meaningless games, you know someone who is. Maybe it’s your brother. It could be your boss or next door neighbor. It doesn’t matter who it is, you must intervene and help these folks stop!

Get them out on the town. Make them watch a new Star Wars movie. Read a book. Do anything to help end the madness. These Bowl Games must be stopped. It’s not good for the players, it’s not good for the schools and it’s not good for American.

We have dumbed down college football enough. Six win teams should not be “rewarded”. Seven win teams should not being going to a bowl game with an 8-game schedule. In fact, the entire idea of bowl games being a “reward” for a season of football is Anti-American!

Name another sport that gets to go to a party at the end of the year instead of trying to turn the regular season into a spring-board for a meaningful championship.

Chris Beard didn’t go into March hoping his Texas Tech Basketball team could have fun in a meaningless game against Iowa. He didn’t want the players to get Playstations and Warmup suits. He wanted them to take what they’d learned and go earn something.

In May, Tim Tadlock doesn’t take his Tech Baseball team to play a best -of -three again Georgia Tech for fun after a regular season. He’s playing to win.

That’s the problem with college football. Not enough teams are playing to win. Until there’s a real play-off for a championship and the idea of bowl games as a reward are ended, football will suffer. It’s time for college football to grow up. It’s time for a 32-team full-fledged national championship and an end to meaningless bowl games.

It’s time.

Now, get on with that. I’ve got to get back to the Frisco Bowl and see if my 2nd half under cashes!



  1. You are Dead wrong! You are the problem, not ESPN or anyone else. Why don’t you want to let teams/players celebrate a good season? That’s what bowl games are, allowing teams to play one more game and the players get to visit a city and do some philanthropy while they’re there. Why are you against allowing players the joy of playing? So what if only a few million people watch? Random bowl games that are not important to you are important to someone else. A star player may opt out, but this may be his backup’s only meaningful game of his career. You think it’s not important to him? If you don’t like to watch, don’t, but thankfully you do not get to decide for anyone else. And for the record, men’s basketball has the NCAA tournament, NIT, and CBI and no one complains about 150 teams playing post season basketball.

    • You need help. It’s never too late, RP. Ask a friend or a family member. Help is a phone call away.
      You don’t have to enable average anymore! It can be overcome!

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