Daily Broadcast(Free WiFi): What Does Texas Tech Gain By Playing A Tarleton St.? #AskCoachHyatt, Bandwagon Wednesday, TTUHSC Hires Corona Virus Failure/Scarf Advocate Birx. Why? Better Than Average Viewer Comments/Questions!

Presented by The Reserve, A Culinary Tavern. 103rd & Quaker in Lubbock, The Reserve gives you great cuisine and a laid-back atmosphere. Not a sports bar, but you can always watch the Texas Tech games there and Saturday/Sunday brunch is becoming must-have for locals and those coming to the Hubbaplex!

We got into a ton of stuff on the show tonight. Y’all were great as always on the comments and questions. For our replay watchers, hey, get here live Thursday! In the meantime, we’re sure there’s a Texas Tech fan or someone from West Texas who doesn’t get enough coverage of the things they love in your life. Send them this! See ya in the morning for Either/Or Questions.