Texas Tech Football Coach Matt Wells Embroiled In Utah State Serial Rape Story. His Troublesome Comments In Relation To Timeline Of Events And Why This Story At Tech Is More About Kirby Hocutt Than Matt Wells. . . The Friday Broadcast From Raiderland (Video).

You wake up thinking you’re gonna be talking about Texas Tech trying to get a win a West Virginia and instead you’re talking about a serial rapist at Utah State and what current Texas Tech Head Coach Matt Wells knew about it and when. . .

This story has a lot of twisted aspects and is probably far from over, both at Utah State and Texas Tech. For now, we will deal with what we know and what we have heard the people involved say, both in the past and today.

Here’s our Friday Broadcast from Raiderland. We try to lay out all the different possibilities based on court documents and other statements. We look at it from the Matt Wells side and the Kirby Hocutt side. Make no mistake though, at Texas Tech this is as much about Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt and his decision process as it is about Matt Wells and what transpired at Utah State.

There are some troublesome timelines here regarding Matt Wells’ comments on this case. You can read for your self in these stories.

The Daily Beast. Original story from Thursday on this issue.

After that, there is this story from KFYO, that does a great job putting together a timeline of statements from Matt Wells. They don’t add up….

Finally, here’s our Broadcast from today. Give it a watch, comment if you want and share it with your Texas Tech friends if you’d like. This is serious stuff. I hope you’ll think we took it seriously too.

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  1. The Daily Beast I have problems with the way they report and I heard they already had to edit the report

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