5 Things We Know On A Sunday About Texas Tech Football And Basketball – Bonus 5 Things!

Instead of a Raiderland Rewind Broadcast tonight, we’re gonna take some time to clean the house and try and get Thanksgiving-Ready around these parts. In place of that though, here’s a bonus “5 Things” column for y’all to debate, discuss, cuss and commentate upon. We’ll see y’all Monday morning at 11 on Talk 1340. If you don’t have the app to listen world-wide, get it!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday About Texas Tech Football And Basketball

  1. For those who listened to our show on Talk 1340 Friday or watched KAMC Red Raider Nation’s Countdown To Kickoff Saturday, you know I predicted Kansas State to win 30-27. So, if you think I’m gonna come here with my hair on fire ranting about Texas Tech getting beat, you might as well move along. This game was what I thought it would be. This was a game between to teams fairly evenly matched with little margin for error on either side. I was flummoxed all week that Tech was favored. Between injuries, talent and depth, it seemed like KSU was slightly better if all things were equal.
  2. If you can’t see that the biggest issue for Texas Tech right now is the Jimmys and Joes, I can’t help you. The poor recruiting and retention over the past several years has put the Texas Tech program in a massive talent deficit. Combine that with sub-par retention and a culture of losing and you are where you are. Add in injuries and it’s easy to see how this team that was 6-6 talent to start the season won’t get there. Again, we picked Tech to go 6-6 +/- 1 game. That means if all went right you when 7 and if it goes bad you win 5 or less. It all went bad.
  3. The fact that Texas Tech has competed and competed hard in every game minus the OU rout says a lot about the culture change going on. Past Texas Tech teams get down to TCU 24-3 and lose 52-10. This weekend, Tech kept battling. That’s culture and proves to me they are bought in to what Wells is doing. And remember, Wells is doing exactly what Texas Tech A.D. Kirby Hocutt wanted him to do. Make Texas Tech tougher mentally and physically. I think that is happening.
  4. Chris Beard’s bunch went to the half leading L.I.U. 42-41 Sunday. They won by 30. In the 96-66 win you saw what raw talent can do, even on a day where you have a slow start. When this team comes together around early January and learns/embraces the defensive side of things they will be hell on wheels. There will still be some ups and downs with an inexperienced squad, but the talent level is better than I’ve seen in 30 years covering Texas Tech.
  5. Enjoy Jahm’ius Ramsey while you can folks. He won’t be here long and that’s exactly why Chris Beard wanted him. It’s also exactly why Chicago 5 Star recruit Nimari Burnett is coming to Lubbock. . .

So, there ya go. Something to tide you over until we hit the air Monday morning here in Lubbock. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Comment if you can. Share this with your friends if you want to, we always appreciate that here at TheRaiderland.