5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From What Most Americans Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do To Things Dallas Cowboys Fans Lie About. U2 Never Recorded A Better Song Than ___, Plus Yellowstone/Sopranos Fashion Impact And What You Need To Tell Your Little Kid Each Day This Week! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Everyone thinks the drivers where they live are the worst drivers. And they are right. The level of driving skills and education continues to fall lower and lower in the country. There are two things I’m adamant not every America adult should be allowed to do. Vote. Drive. After that the third thing would probably be to post on Twitter or Facebook. That or be allowed to own pets. In fact, that goes to three. Yep. There’s your Top 3 Things Most Folks Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do. (early list this week…)
  2. U2 never recorded a better song than “Bullet The Blue Sky”.
  3. Top 3 Things Dallas Cowboys Fans Lie To Themselves About: No. 3. The NFL hates the Cowboys and doesn’t want us to win! No. 2. All the other teams hate us because they want to be us! No. 1. When Jerry Jones is gone, things will get better!
  4. You wake up one day here in West Texas and all of a sudden everyone walking around looks like they’re an extra in Yellowstone. Right up to the part where they take their hat off and get into the really clean Escalade or Tesla. I’m guessing the same thing happened 20-years or so ago in New Jersey when it came to The Sopranos. Soooo many tracksuits and chains. Wait. Being told that’s normal for New Jersey. Never mind….
  5. If you’ve got a little kid, when you drop them off for school each day this week, last thing you tell them is to ”make someone smile today”. You’ll be pleasantly pleased with how well their week goes and the feedback you get from their teachers. Trust me. In fact. What if we did that as adults this week? Make someone smile. It doesn’t take much. I’m not a great parent by any stretch, but I think that’s one of the best things I did for my son when he was a little. He still does it today and doesn’t think about what I used to tell him. So, let’s make someone smile each day this week.



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