Which Number Should Texas Tech Football Retire Next. . . Three Are Honored. Should There Be More?

55. 44. 81.

Those are the three numbers Texas Tech football has retired over the years.

E.J. Holub. Donny Anderson. Dave Parks.

All three are more than worthy.

If you were in charge of Texas Tech football, which number would you retire next? Who would you honor? Which player deserves it and why?

So, at least for this day – you are in charge!

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  1. Gabe Rivera, to right the ship.
    Then, and only then, can they begin discussing the next number to retire.

    Zebbie Lethridge, maybe?

  2. I like that there’s only a few. If pressed I’d say Rivera for sure. From the Spike era I’d go with Zach. From Leach I’d say Welker or Graham.

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